Airlines 2023 Agenda

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Airline Keynote - Sean Doyle, CEO, British Airways -
British Airways
Ministerial keynote -

Speaker coming soon.

Panel discussion: Does the UK’s aviation policy drive economic growth? -

For several years, the industry has made repeated calls for the UK Government to return to a more ambitious vision for aviation. Following extensive industry engagement, ‘Flightpath to the Future, a strategic framework for the aviation sector’ was published in May 2022. As a medium-term policy framework does it go far enough to bring forward policies that support economic growth? Is the implementation on track, and how can the recently created Aviation Council hold to account those tasked with delivery? How should the short and medium-term priorities feed into longer term policy needs? Can the UK leverage aviation as a key driver for growth and prosperity across the whole of the UK?

Panellists coming soon.

Moderator: Philip Georgiadis

Transport Correspondent
Financial Times

Coffee Break -

Coffee Break

Challenges and opportunities facing the global airline industry - Marie Owens Thomsen, SVP Sustainability and Chief Economist, IATA -

Aviation has and is confronting two simultaneous and wholly systemic crises, the legacy of COVID and Climate Change. Marie Owens Thomsen, IATA’s SVP Sustainability and Chief Economist will address recent evolutions and discuss the key challenges and opportunities which lie ahead

SVP Sustainability and Chief Economist
Shadow Minister Keynote -
Speaker coming soon.
Panel discussion: Is the UK offering an attractive operating environment for airlines? -

The UK has historically been central to the global aviation networks with London a preeminent hub. Does the UK still hold strong destination appeal in overseas markets and is it providing an attractive commercial and operating environment for the world’s airlines? From workforce to cost base, and surface connectivity to regulation, what are the key areas than can be improved upon and made more competitive. Where does the UK still lead? What would it take to attract investment in new routes and services, including to the UK regions?

Panellists coming soon.

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Future travel outlook -

Speaker coming soon.

Panel discussion: Can the UK ever become a global aviation sustainability superpower? -

The future growth of the UK as a major aviation market is dependent on the sector showing it can grow sustainably. The UK has clear ambitions on this through its Jet Zero initiative, but is it ambitious enough in the face of the US Inflation Reduction Act and the EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan?  Is the UK attracting the right levels of investment and can the UK stay ahead as a global leader in green growth and set the global lead on aviation sustainability? Ultimately, what needs to be done to ensure it takes its place as a global aviation sustainability superpower.

Further panellists coming soon.

Chief Operating Officer
Panel discussion: How will the UK meet its future aviation infrastructure needs? -

Based on the latest IATA forecasts, annual traffic to and from the UK is set to return to pre-pandemic levels in early 2024, with summer 2023 demand expected to exceed 2019 levels. Will the UK’s aviation infrastructure meet the revised long term growth forecast? Through the lens of the entire airspace, airport and surface connectivity ecosystem, what needs to be done to ensure UK aviation infrastructure is fit for purpose and future proof? In the face of the sustainability challenge, is airspace reform keeping pace with the needed changes and will new runway capacity be added in the UK where is it most needed?

Further panellists coming soon.

Chief Executive Officer
Gatwick Airport
Chief Executive Officer
Director General
Border Force
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Coffee break

Airline CEO Fireside Chat -

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Closing remarks

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Networking drinks reception